SEA WORLD CORPORATION has been established in the year 2016 to focus on Ship Management, Crew Management, Consultancy and Technical Services for Ship-Owners and third parties around the world. The management team at Sea World Corporation has been working closely together for many years and have the experience, competence, commitment, focus and enthusiasm to deliver excellent management services to client's businesses. We welcome ship owners who are looking for a good ship management company, which can run their vessels safely and profitably.

Technical Management

Underpinning our adeptness in offering a full portfolio of third party technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents.

Crew Management & Crew Supply

At SEA WORLD CORPORATION, we fully understand that the best efforts to support the vessel from shore can come to nothing if the Ship's Officers and Crew do not perform their tasks efficiently.

Additional Services

Our services encompass everything from administrative functions to inspections, sales, and much more, both using our own capabilities and in partnership with other companies.

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